Collecting and sorting aluminium packaging for recycling is straightforward and cost effective.

Foil trays and aerosols can be collected alongside food and drink cans in source separated or commingled systems, using existing vehicles and materials handling processes.

Difficult to recycle?

There has been a perception that foil trays and aerosols are difficult to recycle, either on health and safety grounds or because they can contaminate other materials. Alupro works with local authorities and their waste collection partners on communications programmes that educate and encourage householders to only recycle empty, used-up aerosols and clean aluminium foil. Issuing consistent, clear campaigns ensure this message gets across, and risks can be minimised. Visit our media library to see examples of our free, downloadable marketing resources.

For aerosols the greatest issue in a MRF involves perceived concerns relating to health and safety handling pressurised containers. However, when mixed with food and drink containers in a household recycling scheme the risks are extremely low and implementing a few simple precautions, such as aerating aerosols ensures that any risk is minimised.

Further reading

The British Aerosol Manufacturers Association (BAMA) has worked extensively on safe the handling of aerosols and offers detailed guidance.


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