The Alu D&T Challenge

The Alu D&T Challenge has been developed to help students aged 11-14 to become more aware of aluminium and the valuable contribution it can make to sustainable design.

The Challenge is a free online resource which focuses on the Design & Technology (D&T) curriculum at Key Stage 3 (KS3).  It has been designed to be flexible, so can be used either in school or as homework or STEM club activity. Students can work as individuals or in teams and choose one of three design challenges; to create an innovative and sustainable package, building or vehicle featuring aluminium.  Each autumn term designs can be entered into a national competition for a chance to win equipment for the school and a cash prize for the student.

The resources are available to download from our dedicated schools website, Learningaluminium.co.uk, which contains additional information and interactive materials to help pupils attempt their designs.

Winners of the 2015/16 Alu D&T Challenge

Winners of the 2015/16 Alu D&T Challenge

More than 1700 pupils have shared their creative designs for aluminium with us since the Challenge was launched.

Lucky winners!
DSC_7151In 2016 Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products offered a Grand Prize to our overall winner.  Fourteen year old Leon Andrews from St Ives School in Cornwall won a two night trip to Germany, which included a chance to see aluminium production and recycling at first hand.

Read about Leon’s trip here.

Read about the winners of the 2015/16 Alu D&T Challenge

The Alu D&T Challenge will be open for entries again from September 2016.  Please visit our dedicated website or fill out the form below to register for news and updates about the competition.


Alupro is grateful to the following organisations from across the industry for their sponsorship of the Alu D&T Challenge.

2016 Alu D&T Challenge sponsors

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Other resources to support teaching about Aluminium and Metals

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