Educating consumers about the importance of recycling the aluminium packaging they use around the home,  at work, school or university and whilst out and about is key to achieving our objectives and meeting recycling targets.  Recycling as much as possible needs to become second nature to us all; we’re getting better as a nation, but there’s still some way to go to really embed the habit in every aspect of our daily lives.

Alupro has a long tradition of working with schools to help ‘tomorrow’s recyclers’ learn about the importance of recycling.  And thanks to the closed loop recyclability of aluminium and the familiarity of aluminium packaging it is a lesson that many children learn and readily understand.  Alupro’s Resources hub for Schools!

Primary schools: Recycling is an important element of the current Primary curriculum, in particular lending itself to Science (“Materials and their Properties”) and Geography, but is also a popular element of extra-curricular ‘Citizenship’ activities including the nationwide Eco Schools initiative.

Our new Aluminium Life Cycle resource for 7-11 year olds includes an animated film, and supporting lesson materials and is available free to download from our dedicated schools website.  The film combines live action and animation and is narrated by three characters who take pupils on a tour around the aluminium packaging recycling ‘loop’.

Life Cycle characters ks2Topic areas are referenced and linked to the curriculum across the UK, and include materials suitable for Gifted and Talented (GAT) pupils as well as those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Secondary schools: A version of the Aluminium Life Cycle materials suitable for use in KS3 is also available.  The resources complement the Aluminium industry’s secondary schools programme, the Alu D&T Challenge  which  focuses on inspiring pupils within the Design & Technology curriculum at Key Stage 3 (11 – 14 year olds).Alu DT Challenge logo

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