The community recycling sector has played a vital part in the UK’s recycling infrastructure for more than 20 years.

Many of today’s recycling services and systems are based on models which were developed and proved by community and social enterprises, and many enterprises around the UK operate recycling programmes in partnership with local authorities, for example servicing foil recycling banks at local authority sites and providing business recycling collections.

Aluminium packaging can make a valuable contribution to a successful community recycling business.


Aluminium packaging recycling has played a major part in this social economy: Not only does a recycling operation provide valuable employment and training opportunities, but the value of the metal collected underpins the viability of many programmes. This is more important than ever today, when budgets are being reduced.


Community recycling businesses are well-placed to benefit from the aluminium which is used away-from-home locations such as workplaces, schools, sports, leisure and travel locations – as well as pubs, clubs and restaurants. These are prime recycling locations which are often not always well-served by local authorities or large waste management companies. Alupro can provide advice and support on all aspects of setting up and running a recycling enterprise. Contact us for more information or to discuss your ideas.


Make cans count!


Alupro can help you to develop or expand a business recycling service for drinks cans. The Every Can Counts programme offers recycling service providers a proven platform for running a successful service, supplying collection containers and promotional material, plus on-going advice and marketing support. Visit the website to find out more about the programme and to view case studies of successful schemes.