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M&S supports new MetalMatters campaign in Leeds

The largest single local authority MetalMatters campaign has launched across Leeds City Council this month.   The Industry-funded communications campaign which is running in partnership with Marks & Spencer, will directly communicate with over 348,500 households with the aim of increasing capture rates of metal packaging recycled through kerbside collections.

Over the course of the 12 week campaign, Leeds City Council will directly mail each of their households.   This will be supported by radio adverts, signage on recycling vehicles, a comprehensive roadshow schedule and a new recycling competition for residents.

An exciting addition to the programme in Leeds is the partnership with M&S, one of the UK’s leading retailers. As part of Plan A, its eco and ethical programme, M&S is committed to working in partnership with programmes like the MetalMatters campaign in Leeds, to improve national levels of recycling and help customers to live more sustainably. In addition to its support with the communications campaign, M&S is also planning interactive recycling games and competitions to help explain recycling to local residents at its Moortown store on Harrogate Road, where members of the council will also be on hand to talk to customers about their recycling.

Laura Fernandez, senior packaging technologist at M&S said “We are working hard to make it as easy as possible for our customers to live more sustainably. The MetalMatters campaign has a had a really positive impact on raising awareness of the importance of recycling all metal packaging and has also helped boost overall recycling levels in other areas of the country – so we’re really looking forward to supporting the campaign in Leeds.”

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, deputy leader and executive member for environment and sustainability said “We are calling on local residents to make their metals matter and help increase Leeds’ recycling performance.   Recycling metal is good for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and helps reduce the costs of dealing with the city’s waste.   Households in Leeds are recycling just under half of their everyday metal packaging like drinks cans, tins, aerosols and foil.

Every can recycled saves enough energy to run a TV for four hours, so a small action like putting your empty bean tin into your green recycling bin can make a big difference.”

MetalMatters is now in its fifth year and has communicated with over 4.5 million households across 74 Local Authority areas to date. The programme has seen some impressive results with an average of 18% increase in metal packaging capture rates, with some councils achieving an increase in capture rates of 25-28%.   With the revenue from the additional metals collected, authorities have seen a speedy return on their investments, the majority covering their costs within 12 months.

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of project managers Alupro, said: “The launch of the Leeds campaign is a fantastic start to 2017 for MetalMatters, not least because it marks the first time a national retailer has directly supported the campaign and we are delighted to be working with M&S.   The campaign provides a cost effective and easy-to-implement solution for authorities, helping to deliver an improvement in metal packaging capture rates and a sustained positive impact for recycling long after the campaign has been delivered.”

The programme is funded by a partnership of metal packaging manufacturers, fillers and reprocessors and is delivered on their behalf by Alupro, with support from local authorities and their waste collection partners.


Every Can Counts brand manager Jonathan Easthope (front), Drops Director Tom Varney, Lucy Shaw, Rick Hindley of Alupro and Hannah Payton

Alupro announced as sponsor of Drops Cycling Team

Drops riders Lucy Shaw and Hannah Payton with Rick Hindley of Alupro

Drops riders Lucy Shaw and Hannah Payton with Rick Hindley of Alupro

The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) is sponsoring the Drops Cycling Team during 2017 as part of its work to encourage everyone to recycle more of the aluminium packaging they use at work, at home and on the go. The sponsorship will focus on the Every Can Counts programme, which helps people to recycle drinks cans used outside the home.

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Alupro’s response to recycling targets consultation

Consultation on changes to packaging recycling business targets for paper, steel, aluminium, wood and overall recovery and recycling for 2018-20

Alupro fully supports the Government’s ambition “to have appropriate targets which ensure that the UK complies with the EU Packaging Directive targets whilst maximising the benefits for consumers, businesses and the environment” but in its response to the consultation suggests that the  aluminium targets are restructured.  Alupro proposes an increase to the 2017 aluminium target and that in subsequent years the targets are ‘front-loaded’. It believes this structure would maintain the momentum in the aluminium sector and help realise  Alupro’s ambition to ensure that the “real” recycling rate for aluminium packaging is measured meaning that all aluminium packaging collected for recycling is captured by the PRN system.

Download the full response document here

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Alupro Logo

Alupro is recruiting!

Alupro is looking for a new team member to develop and manage our campaigns to increase aluminium packaging recycling in the UK, including the Every Can Counts and MetalMatters programmes. Read more

A  campaign is asking residents to leave their metal bottle tops on their glss bottles/jars when recycling them in the glass recycling banks.
Representatives from the council and Alupro at Tesco Oxford.
Pictured at Tesco, Cowley Road, Ruth Meeke  from Alupro is joined by the council recycling mascot at the bottle banks.
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New ‘Leave Your Cap On’ campaigns extend coverage to over 2 million households

­­­­­­­­­­­­Alupro’s ‘Leave Your Cap On’ campaign, which encourages residents to recycle aluminium screw tops along with the glass bottles on which they came, has recently launched in four local authorities.  The latest campaigns, in Oxford and Berkshire, mean the number of bottle banks across the UK now promoting the recycling message has reached 5,443, taking the number of households reached by the message past 2 million. Read more


Consultation on new recycling targets 2018-20: Alupro Statement

Packaging Regulations: consultation on new packaging recycling business targets for 2018-20

The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) is frustrated that the proposed options within the consultation on new packaging recycling business targets do not reflect the ambition of the aluminium sector to maximise recovery and recycling of this valuable material.  Although the trajectory proposed should lead to the UK achieving the targets in line with the EU Circular Economy package, we are concerned that the momentum that has been achieved over recent years, and which has seen significant improvements in recycling performance for our material, could be undermined.  Read more


Mallorca’s recycling & recovery challenge delivers ‘circular’ success

European Aluminium’s annual Packaging Seminar, held each September, is always a highlight of the working year.  In addition to presentations and debate on latest developments in our sector the programme provides the host country with the opportunity to give an insight into their specific recycling and recovery challenges. It never fails to be informative and is often inspiring. Read more


MetalMatters increases metal capture rates in Warwick by 28 per cent

Warwick District Council has increased kerbside recycling of metal packaging by 28 per cent in just six months – through MetalMatters, the industry-funded communications campaign.

Launched in October 2015 the Warwick MetalMatters campaign directly targeted all 53,000 households in the district with a two phase leaflet drop and additional advertising on recycling vehicles, council information points and at a local cinema. The campaign cost 29p per household and was funded by the MetalMatters industry partnership and SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, who hold the collection contract with Warwick District Council. Additional revenue generated from the increase in metals capture and landfill tax savings meant campaign costs were recouped within six months. Read more


Valpak pledges support for MetalMatters

The UK’s largest packaging compliance scheme, Valpak, has become the latest funding partner to join the MetalMatters programme, which aims to boost the capture rates for metal packaging collected at kerbside. Read more


Schools invited to take the Alu D&T Challenge!

Secondary schools throughout the UK are invited to take part in the Alu D&T Challenge which aims to teach 11-14 year olds about sustainable design using aluminium.  The Challenge includes an opportunity for students to enter their ideas in a national competition for a chance to win prizes for themselves and their school.   Read more