When the feasting is over, don’t forget the recycling!

Here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun! They are also having delicious mince pies, scrummy roast potatoes and all manner of oven-baked party treats.  And guess what  material is getting an above average outing during this busy, festive holiday? That’s right, aluminium. Read more

A  campaign is asking residents to leave their metal bottle tops on their glss bottles/jars when recycling them in the glass recycling banks.
Representatives from the council and Alupro at Tesco Oxford.
Pictured at Tesco, Cowley Road, Ruth Meeke  from Alupro is joined by the council recycling mascot at the bottle banks.
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New ‘Leave Your Cap On’ campaigns extend coverage to over 2 million households

­­­­­­­­­­­­Alupro’s ‘Leave Your Cap On’ campaign, which encourages residents to recycle aluminium screw tops along with the glass bottles on which they came, has recently launched in four local authorities.  The latest campaigns, in Oxford and Berkshire, mean the number of bottle banks across the UK now promoting the recycling message has reached 5,443, taking the number of households reached by the message past 2 million. Read more


Mallorca’s recycling & recovery challenge delivers ‘circular’ success

European Aluminium’s annual Packaging Seminar, held each September, is always a highlight of the working year.  In addition to presentations and debate on latest developments in our sector the programme provides the host country with the opportunity to give an insight into their specific recycling and recovery challenges. It never fails to be informative and is often inspiring. Read more


Meet The Usual (and some unusual) Suspects

As part of Recycle Week 2016 we’re focusing on helping people understand how much aluminium packaging they use (you’d surprised how much), and how easy it is to recycle it…

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Study reveals ‘real’ aluminium packaging recycling rate

Alupro study into ‘real’ recycling rate for aluminium packaging in 2015 reveals over 10,000 tonnes of unreported material.

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Alupro D and T Challenge 16 winners

Alu D&T Challenge: Winners announced!

Winners of the 2015/16 Alu D&T Challenge, a design competition for 11 to 14 year olds, were announced at a prize-giving event at Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham on 24 February.

The national schools’ competition, linked to the Design and Technology curriculum at Key Stage 3, helps teach pupils about the material properties and sustainability potential of aluminium by challenging them to design a sustainable product for the future using aluminium. Read more

Alupro Recycling Aerosols

Alupro figures show aerosols and aluminium foil “widely” collected for recycling

New figures released by Alupro show 96% of councils in the UK are collecting aerosols and 86% are collecting aluminium foil for recycling.

mixed_foil_trays_filled01Over the past three years, the number of councils collecting aerosols has increased from 87% to 96%, providing almost complete coverage throughout the UK. Meanwhile, foil recycling has also seen a dramatic increase in collection, from just 35% of councils in 2007 to 86% today. Read more

Alupro Recycling

Alupro’s Position on the EU Circular Economy Proposals

The EU Commission has proposed packaging recycling targets of 65% by 2025 and 75% by 2030. Targets for individual waste streams include 85% for aluminium. Read more

Aluminium drink can recovered from incinerator ash

Q3 Packaging Recovery Data: Marked improvement for aluminium packaging

Packaging waste recovery data for the third quarter of 2015 shows that reported aluminium packaging recycling has recorded its highest ever quarterly performance at 23,330 tonnes*. The Q3 results are the direct result of adjustments made to the accreditation process, following lower than expected tonnages in Q1 and Q2, and increasing volumes of aluminium packaging recovered from incinerator bottom ash (IBA) being reported through the system. An estimated 18,800 tonnes is required in the final quarter to achieve the 2015 recycling target. Read more

Alupro Life Cycle characters ks2

Alupro launches new teaching resources for schools

Schools around the UK can now benefit from new multidisciplinary teaching resources on aluminium recycling. The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) has launched the new resources for schools with free curriculum-linked activities for pupils aged seven to 14. The resources, which can be used across several subjects including geography, design and technology, English and ICT, are hosted on a new dedicated website www.learningaluminium.co.uk. Read more