The most recycled drinks container in the world.

ALU-CANS croppedAlmost 10 billion drinks cans are sold in the UK every year. All are made of endlessly recyclable metal. Most of them are made of aluminium.

The aluminium beverage can is one of the most sustainable packaging containers available because it can be recycled after use, again and again. The empty drink can you recycle today could be back on sale, as another can, in just 60 days.

Aluminium drink cans can be recycled in a closed loop system, where cans are recycled into metal to make ‘new’ cans. The recycling process saves up to 95% of the energy and associated greenhouse gas emissions compared to making cans from raw materials – so every time an aluminium can is recycled it cuts the ‘carbon footprint’, or environmental impact, of the next can made.

The current recycling rate for aluminium drink cans in the UK is 65% (2014)

In Europe seven out of every 10 aluminium drink cans are recycled: this equates to 390,000 tons of recycled metal, preventing more than 3.12 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.  This is equivalent to the average yearly emission of about 340,000 EU citizens and is equivalent to the entire population of the City of Cardiff! [2012 figures published by the European Aluminium Association

Alupro manages campaigns which promote and encourage aluminium can recycling and are funded by its members and partners from the wider metal packaging industry.  These programmes include MetalMatters, which supports local authorities wishing to improve the capture rate for metal packaging and Every Can Counts, which is focused on improving recycling of drinks cans used outside the home, including workplaces, universities, tourist sites and major events.

Alupro ‘Converter’ member companies involved in the manufacture of beverage cans:

Ball Packaging Europe

Can Pack UK

Crown Bevcan

Rexam plc

Alupro ‘Packer/Filler’ member companies using beverage cans:

Carlsberg UK

Coca Cola Enterprises

Red Bull UK

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