The average UK household uses 12 metres of aluminium foil every month.

AlufoilSandwich-03-22ffcfa9Although not classed as ‘packaging’ within the UK Government’s Producer Responsibility framework for packaging recycling, the UK’s leading aluminium foil producers have joined Alupro and support our campaigns to encourage people to recycle the foil they use to wrap, store and preserve or transport their food – because, like all other aluminium packaging it is endlessly, and easily, recyclable.

scrunch-testHousehold foil can easily be recycled alongside food and drink cans, aerosols and foil trays.  It’s important to clean off any food residue – to help reduce smells and prevent contamination.  Wiping foil or rinsing it in the washing up water is usually sufficient.

Do the Scrunch Test!

Not everything that looks like foil actually is!  Some packs are actually metallised plastic film and can’t be recycled.  To check just scrunch the pack or foil in your hand, if it stays scrunched it’s aluminium and can be recycled.  If it springs back open then it’s film and cannot be recycled at present.

Our short video explains:

Alupro member companies involved in the production of household foil:


Wrapex UK Ltd

Wrap Film