From ready meals to picnic quiches and festive feasts we use 182 foil containers per household in the UK every year. That’s equivalent to 16,000 tonnes of endlessly recyclable aluminium.

Lightweight but strong and flexible but durable aluminium containers and foil lids protect their contents and enable long-term storage, and at the end of the product’s life can be recycled, endlessly, saving energy.

The majority of local authorities in the UK now collect aluminium foil (containers, wrapping, lids and household foil) as part of their household recycling service. Clean containers can be recycled together with food and drink cans and empty aerosols. The containers are recycled into aluminium alloys which are used in a variety of different industries, but in particular the automotive sector.

Foil containers just need a quick rinse before recycling – no need to run the tap, just swill them in the last of the washing up water and they are ready to recycle!

washing-foil-container3ALU-MINCE PIES-FOIL TRAYS

Foil containers: What is meant by ‘rinse before recycling’?

Alupro has been at the forefront of developing the infrastructure for foil container recycling since 1989, when the Aluminium Foil Recycling Campaign (AFRC) was established by the manufacturers. Much of the early development of the recycling system focused around social enterprises and charities, where foil recycling provided meaningful employment for adults with special needs; and generated funds for the groups involved. AFRC later merged with ACRA to form Alupro.

Alupro member companies involved in the manufacture of foils and foil containers for packaging:


Coppice Alupack


Friths Flexible Packaging Ltd

i2r Packaging Solutions

Other sources of useful information:

European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA)