Alupro has been working on behalf of the aluminium industry to drive up recycling rates for aluminium packaging for over 25 years.

In that time the recycling rate has risen from less than 2% to 48% in 2015.

As almost all aluminium packaging is used for consumer products it mainly arises in the domestic waste stream, therefore it is vital for future recycling growth and to maximise carbon savings that recovering aluminium from this waste stream is prioritised by national government and local authorities.

Even though aluminium packaging typically comprises only 1% of the domestic waste stream its value far outweighs other materials collected for recycling.

The value of aluminium collected can make a major contribution to the viability of a local authority recycling programme.

Alupro is working with the developers of new waste treatment plants in the UK to recover aluminium packaging from residual waste. You can read about this in our Projects section.

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