Alupro manages programmes on behalf of its members, the aluminium industry and the wider metal packaging industry to encourage people to understand the value of recycling, and help them recycle more.

Our programmes have been commended as examples of ‘best practice’ by Governments, received awards from industry and in some cases have been replicated across Europe. Most importantly they have generated positive results – increasing participation among consumers, improving metal capture rates and generating additional revenue, and returning on investment.

Every Can Counts



Every Can Counts focuses on the 44% of drinks cans that are used outside the home – in particular in workplaces and by people ‘on the go’.

The programme helps organisations set up and promote recycling for staff and customers to make it easier for them to recycle.  This includes providing collection containers and free marketing and promotional materials. We also work with brands. local authorities and event organisers to promote recycling at music festivals, shopping centres and tourist attractions.

Every Can Counts was developed in the UK but has been replicated in nine countries across Europe, most recently launching in Greece and Spain.

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MetalMatters helps educate householders to recycle more of the metal packaging they use at home.

Campaigns are developed with local authorities, and jointly funded by the MetalMatters industry partnership and local campaign partners.

Alupro has project managed MetalMatters since 2012 and since then campaigns have run in over 50 local authorities, directly targeting more than 3.2 million households.

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MetalMatters website:

Schools resources

PrintOur dedicated education website features free, curriculum-linked resources for pupils aged seven to 14.



  • Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3: Aluminium Life Cycle – focusing on the life cycle of aluminium packaging and including activities and stimulus materials for use in lessons.
  • Key Stage 2: Alu D&T Challenge – linking aluminium to the Design & Technology curriculum, and including an annual competition for students to design sustainable items using aluminium.

Leave your cap on!

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Leave your cap on! helps householders understand how to recycle the aluminium used in screw caps on glass bottles, and asks them to put the top back on the empty bottle before recycling it.

Campaigns have run successfully in over 25 local authority areas since 2013, and the message now features on more than 5000 glass banks across the UK.

The campaign is co-funded by the European Aluminium Foil Association and British Glass.

Supporting community recycling enterprises

Aluminium can and foil recycling provides a valuable revenue stream for many recycling service providers and community groups. Alupro works with groups around the UK, many of whom offer services including business collections and foil recycling services.