Our membership comprises the full spectrum of the aluminium packaging ‘loop’ – from primary producer to packaging converter, from packer filler to reprocessor.

Aluminium producers


With its young, dynamic management, Assan Alüminyum is one of the top 50 industrial companies in Turkey, producing aluminium flat rolled products such as foil, sheet and coils in two plants near Istanbul, Tuzla and Dilovası, with a total building footprint of 140,000 m2 built on 535,000m2 of land. Since its inception Assan Alüminyum has competed successfully in international markets. Today, over 70% of our production is sold to more than 60 countries mainly in Europe. Every day, our customer-oriented approach is strengthening our position as the preferred supplier to international customers as well as our leadership in Turkey with a production capacity of around 250.000 tons/year.

Website: www.assan.com.tr


Constellium is a world leader in the manufacturing of high-quality aluminium products and solutions. The history of Constellium dates almost as far back as the commercial production of aluminium, and our know-how today has grown out of the expertise of Pechiney, Alcan and Alusuisse. Supported by our Technology and Innovation organization, and in collaboration with customers, Constellium produces advanced alloys and cutting-edge technological solutions. To best respond to market needs, Constellium focuses on businesses specializing in rolled products, extrusions and automotive structure.

Website: www.constellium.com


Elval is the only Greek producer of flat rolled aluminium products, including thin foil for flexible packaging, can stock, coil-coated aluminium for building and construction, as well as special high magnesium alloys for shipbuilding, automotive and other applications. The company exports almost three-quarters of its 200,000 tonnes output to more than 70 countries around the world. UK sales and distribution subsidiary: Metal Agencies, Tel: 01932 331111

Website: www.metalagencies.com

Hydro Aluminium

Hydro Aluminium is one of the three largest integrated aluminium companies in the world, and the second largest rolled products supplier in Europe, where it ranks first in the production of lithographic sheet and aluminium foil. The company specialises in the packaging, litho, automotive, and transport industries, and has rolling mills in Germany, Norway, Italy and Malaysia .

Website: www.hydroaluminium.com

Novelis (UK) Ltd

Novelis is the world’s largest producer of rolled aluminium and the global leader in beverage can recycling with operations spanning 11 countries and nearly 11,000 employees. Novelis produces aluminium sheet and foil products for high-value market applications to customers in many sectors including packaging, transportation, architecture, electronics and lithography.

Website: www.novelis.com



Symetal S. A. is an aluminium foil manufacturer located in Greece. It belongs fully to ELVAL S.A. which in turn is a member of the VIOHALCO Group of companies, the largest Greek metal processing group which was established in 1937. The group is strongly export-oriented and it accounts for approximately 9% of the total exports of Greece. Symetal, being one of the leading companies of the aluminium sector of the group, exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Website: www.symetal.gr

Packaging converters


ADVANTA is the new name for the Nicholl Group, rebranded in 2014.  ADVANTA has evolved our product range to meet the changing needs of the food retail sector and has a wide product portfolio, with 1000 lines covering the traditional bakery and wholesalle markets as well as developing areas such as Ready Prepared and Ready to Cook meals.



Ardagh Group



Ball Packaging Europe

Ball Corporation supplies innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for beverage, food and household products customers, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government. Ball Corporation and its subsidiaries employ 18,450 people worldwide and 2016 net sales were $9.1 billion.


Can-Pack UK

CPUK is part of the Can-Pack group of companies (CP Group), with headquarters in Krakow, Poland. Can-Pack group is a leading supplier of metal and glass containers and metal closures.


can pack uk

Coppice Alupack

Coppice Alupack specialises in the manufacture of aluminium foil containers and ovenable board containers for the bakery, ready meal and takeaway sectors of the food industry. Situated in a picturesque valley in South Wales, Coppice has one of the most modern foil container manufacturing plants in Europe .


Crown Holdings Inc.

Crown Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world. Crown is proud to be the leader in metal packaging technology. Crown has led the industry with unique can shaping and decorating technologies that redefine how the world looks at cans. And with 64 plants in 24 countries, we are committed to helping beverage brands expand worldwide.



Eurofoil specialises in the production and marketing of aluminium foil and packaging products, with over six decades of experience in the aluminium and packaging industries. With two production sites in France and Luxembourg, the rolling mills offer a comprehensive product range in terms of capacity,
widths and technical specifications and supply high quality foil to customers in different sectors, including packaging (flexible and container), household foil, heat transfer (automotive and building) and industrial applications such as insulation, pipes and cable wrap.



Frith’s Flexible Packaging

AM Holdings is a leading independent supplier of both confectionary foild and polyester film-based packaging. Our products are used in a variety of applications including confectionary, dairy, multi-media and pharmaceutical packaging, all of which are supplied through our operating companies: Frith’s Flexible Packaging Ltd, Macleans (Foils) Ltd and S.F. Williams (Foils) Ltd.


i2r Packaging Solutions

Market leaders i2r Packaging Solutions Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of wrinkle wall and smooth wall semi-rigid aluminium foil containers used throughout the food industry. The company is part of the Italian Laminazione Sottile Group, one of the leading global suppliers of aluminium products.

The company recently launched a baking division, manufacturing a full range of tulip muffin warps and greaseproof papers. The initiative aims to position the firm as the only UK manufacturer to provide the baking industry with a single source for both aluminium foil containers and FSC accredited tulip paper products, which can be branded and personalised.

i2r’s growth has been rapid from a start-up position in 2007 to being a market leading manufacturer with a £26m turnover by 2016.


Packer filler members

Carlsberg UK

Our aim is to be the best beer and beverage business in the UK.  We employ 1,800 people and boast household name brands including Carlsberg, Tuborg, San Miguel, Mahou, Tetley’s, Staropramen and Somersby Cider.  Importantly, we’re engaged with society, meaning we embrace our responsibilities and always strive to do the right thing.  To find out more about our company, brands and CSR programme visit www.carlsberguk.co.uk and www.engagedwithsociety.co.uk.


Carlsberg UK_RGB



Red Bull UK

Red Bull established its business 23 years ago, in Austria. Nowadays, Red Bull Energy Drink is available in more than 160 countries and sold more than 4 billion times a year. To read more about the Red Bull can and its lifecycle please click on the link below:

Website: Red Bull can lifecycle

Reprocessor / Exporter Members:

Real Alloy

Real Alloy™ is the global market leader in third party aluminum recycling and specification alloy production. We convert aluminum scrap and by-products into reusable aluminum metal and deliver it back to customers in molten, ingot and sow forms. Responding to the needs of an increasingly recycling-conscious world, we operate 24 facilities strategically located in six countries across North America and Europe to serve customers throughout the region and support a customer-driven approach to aluminum recycling and metal supply.

We provide a full line of recycling services to the aluminum industry. The company handles almost all forms of aluminum scrap and by-products and transforms those materials into high quality aluminum alloys, delivering to our customers in the form and chemistry they desire.

Website: www.realalloy.com


Avon Metals Ltd

Our company is an award-winning, privately-owned UK-based manufacturer of specification aluminium alloy ingots and a physical processor and trader of scrap Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt revert alloys and an extensive range of exotic minor metals.

Originally established over 60 years ago, we are widely regarded as an important global trader in both on and off-exchange metals and we trade in accordance with internationally recognised specifications laid down by the LME, BMRA, MMTA, BIR and ISRI.

Website: www.avonmetals.com


Norton Aluminium

Norton Aluminium is the UK ‘s leading manufacturer of high grade aluminium foundry alloys and is a major supplier to Honda, Nissan and Toyota as well as to other quality conscious customers around the world.  Norton Aluminium is a leading buyer and trader of aluminium scrap of all grades; with a network of suppliers and customers spanning the globe, Norton sells scrap locally and internationally.

Website: www.nortal.co.uk


Novelis Recycling

Novelis Inc. is the global leader in aluminum rolled products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminium.

The company operates in 11 countries, has approximately 11,200 employees and reported revenue of approximately $10 billion for its 2014 fiscal year. Novelis supplies premium aluminum sheet and foil products to transportation, packaging, construction, industrial and consumer electronics markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Thecompany is part of the Aditya Birla Group, a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai, India.

Website: www.novelisrecycling.co.uk


Tandom Metallurgical Group

Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd is an international metal business involved in the consumption, tolling and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. We produce aluminium alloys for the diecasting and steel industries and, in addition, offer a whole range of toll and processing facilities for associated industries.

Website: www.tandom.co.uk


Tom Martin & Company

Tom Martin & Company is the UK’s leading independent non-ferrous scrap metal merchant and trading company. With over 65 years of in-depth experience, Tom Martin & Company has firmly established itself as an integral part of the recycling industry across a wide range of industrial sectors including aerospace, automotive, packaging and printing. The company has a global outlook with an international supplier and customer base from small specialist foundries and engineering companies through to the largest smelting facilities and machining centres in the world.


Associate Members:


ITS is Europe’s leading supplier of private label aluminium foil, cling film, baking paper, sandwich paper and coffee filters products. Supplying to the catering, hospitality and retail sectors, ITS is the company behind numerous private labels across Europe sold by wholesalers, C&C organisations and supermarkets from Greece in the south to Finland in the north and Russia towards the east. Several quality and environmental certifications such as BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC are proof to the fact that production is on the highest possible standards and care for our planet is part of the strategy. ITS is a family-owned company since almost 35 years and our key values are: customer satisfaction, quality, respect for the environment, innovation and efficiency.

Website: www.itsfoil.nl

Guala Closures Group

Guala Closures Group is the world leader in the production of non-refillable closures and in anti-counterfeiting technologies, with over 14 billion closures sold each year.

Website: www.gualaclosures.com

Guala Closures Group

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business built around two iconic British car brands with a wonderfully rich heritage and incredibly powerful consumer appeal and loyalty. As the UK’s largest investor in automotive R&D and engineering, committing over £1.5 billion a year to product creation, JLR is at the centre of the UK automotive industry’s drive to deliver technical innovation in all areas of vehicle development. As the UK’s largest automotive employer, JLR has a world class team of 20,000 people in the UK, plus 1,000 globally. In addition it supports 140,000 people through the supply chain, dealer network and wider economy


Aluminium is the best material available today to protect the delicate flavours and aromas of Nespresso’s Grand Cru coffees. It is also infinitely recyclable. By collecting and recycling used capsules, Nespresso is able to reduce its environmental impact. Nestlŕ Nespresso SA is the pioneer and market leader in highest-quality portioned premium coffee. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso has a presence in more thane50 countries and 5500 employees. In 2010, it operated a global retail network of 215 exclusive boutiques. Nespresso achieved global 2010 sales of more than CHF 3 billion and organic growth of more than 20%.

Website: www.nespresso.com/mediacenter

Wrap Film Systems Ltd

Wrap Film Systems (WFS) is Europe’s leading supplier of both branded and private label cling film and aluminium foil products. Supplying to the catering, hospitality and retail sectors, WFS is the company behind the catering brands Wrapmaster & Caterwrap as well as the Baco & BacoFoil retail brands.

Website: www.wrapfilm.com

Wrapex UK Ltd

Wrapex is one of the largest convertors of cling film, aluminium foil and baking papers in the UK. Our manufacturing plant, offices and warehousing are based in Bristol alongside our sister company PROCARE which is the leading manufacturer of hair foils in the E.U. We operate a low cost fully automated production facility with full BRC accreditation. Our products are marketed under the Prowrap brand and include Premium, Professional and Value ranges in the catering sector alongside the SPEEDWRAP dispensing system and associated refills. We also offer a comprehensive range of retail products. Clients benefit from a full in house own label design service.

Website: www.wrapex.com